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The Zaku I was the world's first nuclear-powered MS to achieve combat status in the UC timeline. Developed from the Zaku I was developed from the MS-04 Prototype Zaku, and featured technologies that would become standard in all mobile suits. The MS-05A ran a thermonuclear reactor developed and manufactured by the ZAS company that provided the Zaku I with an unlimited power source. The reactor was cooled by stored liquid hydrogen during missions in space, and an air-cooled system when operating on Earth. The Zaku I used the head-mounted Mono-Eye camera system, which was used in conjunction with several cameras mounted around the mobile suit's body and granted the pilot excellent visibility from the enclosed cockpit. The Zaku I also incorporated laser sensors, infra-red sensors, and a powerful computer to facilitate the MS' operation. In combat, the Zaku I is an effective melee fighter. A reference to the original anime, the Zaku I's tackle is highly destructive and can do very good damage at higher levels when paired with the tackle damage parts. Zaku I pilots must be cautious though because the defense and HP ratings of this MS are some of the lowest in the game. This is countered by the very low bounty for this MS. At low levels, this MS respawns before the pilot.

Level VariationsEdit

Level Bounty










Shooting Correction(?)

Fighting Correction(?)

Speed Boosters










Development Cost

Development %
1 50 7 seconds 3500 37 45 48 8 73 200 120 5 3 3 Leading Seaman/07 none 5200P 15%
2 70 8 seconds 4000 40 48 76 8 76 200 122 6 4 4 private frist calss/06 none 7300P 10%
3 90 9 seconds 4500 42 51 104 8 80 200 124 7 5 5 Corporal/03 none 9400P 10%
4 110 10 seconds 5000 45 54 132 8 84 200 126 8 6 6 Sergeant/03 none 13600P 7%


11 seconds 5500 48 56 160 8 88 200 128 18 11 7 Master Sergeant/04 none

JPY 300


6 150 12 seconds 6000 51 59 188 8 92 200 130 20 13 9 Ensign/05 none 20500P 5%

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Zaku Machine Gun




English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Cracker Grenade


Heat hawk




English Name Japanese Name MS level Effects
Leg shock absorber-Lv2 1-4 Reduce temporary leg damage at the time of landing; 10% after jumping, 5% after dashing. Recover from temporary damage 1% faster.
Leg shock absorber-Lv3 5+ Reduce temporary leg damage at the time of landing; 15% after jumping, 10% after dashing. Recover from temporary damage 1% faster.
Quick boost 1+ Halves charge time for jumping.
Hovering dash-Lv2 1-4 Increase maximum boost time by 1.33 seconds
Hovering dash-Lv3 5+ Increase maximum boost time by 1.50 seconds.
Melee Combo Controller-Lv1 1-5 The MS will be available to continuously swing up to two times in melee.
Melee Combo Controller-Lv2 6+ The MS will be available to continuously swing up to three times in melee.
High Performance Balancer 7 The MS can cancel landing lag from dashing with an immediate melee attack.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

The Zaku I is very weak compared to most other suits in almost every category. Even though it is a melee type, the 2-hit combo with its heat hawk does not do much damage, roughly 800 points per hit. Its main strength is that it is cheap, about half the cost of its successor, the Zaku II at level 1, and thus, its respawn time is very short. It is best used as a short range support unit.

Although being weak in most fields, if paired with a tackle damage part, it's tackle is lethal, use it's tackle very wisley to do heavy damage.

Unit VariationEdit

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