The "Close-Combat" or "Melee" type mobile suits are fast, close up fighters meant to deal quick heavy damage before making their escape with their above average movement speeds. They are generally equipped with a weak, general purpose ranged "main" weapon such as a machine gun or beam spray gun. Their real weapons are their beam sabers, heat hawks, heat sabers, claws, etc... These weapons typically deal 1500-2500 damage, and can generally swing 2-3 times with the ability to stunlock, and knock down oponents. Their pre-game lobby icons are always colored  red. 

Melee mobile suits are given a damage bonus when attacking Support-types, but take increased damage from General Purpose-types. Since General Purpose mobile suits tend to have bazookas and beam sabers capable of an eternal stunlock, melee types should always attempt to be with another player, or to have their boost gage available for that emergency tackle. 


English Name Japanese Name


Zaku I ザク I
Zaku II FS ザクⅡFS 
Gouf グフ
Gouf Custom グフ 。 クスタム
Z'Gok E
Ram Z'Gok
Efreet Kai
Gyan Event Only
Shin Matsunaga's Zaku II FS Campaign Mobile Suit
Gelgoog Marine


English Name Japanese Name


GM Trainer Campaign Mobile Suit
GM Light Armor
GM Striker
Blue Destiny Unit 1
Prototype Gundam
Gundam Pixie Event Mobile Suit
GM Night Seeker II Campaign Mobile Suit
GM Guard Custom
G-Line Light Armor

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