Since Gundam Battle Operation's beginning, there have been events providing often powerful Mobile Suits to any player lucky enough to complete their blueprints in their 2-week time window. In the beginning, those lucky enough to acquire these powerful suits could access them at any time, regardless of in-game experience or ranking. Of course, this meant that many low ranking players who missed their opportunity to acquire these suits would often be at a severe disadvantage if even one of these suits was on the opposing team. Because of this, a new system was implemented in mid-2013 that would lock out many event mobile suits (and some others that could be acquired by any player through special means, like codes and the Anniversary event's gift of Lv1 Gundam and Gelgoog Commander Type) to players in normal matches outside of the events unless they obtained an appropriate Rank and Level. However, the lock does not appy to Training/Practice rooms, or during these suits' events.

Required RanksEdit

These are some of the locked suits and Ranks required to use them:

Zudah LV1: Private First Class(2) LV1

Guncannon SML Lv1: Lance Corporal(3), Lv5

Zaku Cannon Rabbit Ear Type Lv1: Lance Corporal(3), Lv5

Blue Destiny Unit 1 Lv1: Sergeant(5) Lv1

Efreet Kai Lv1: Sergeant(5) Lv1

Blue Destiny Unit 2 Lv1: Sergeant(5) Lv5

Blue Destiny Unit 3 Lv1: Sergeant(5) Lv5

Gyan Lv1: Master Sergeant(6) Lv5

Gundam Lv1: Master Sergeant(6) Lv1

Gelgoog Commander Type Lv1: Master Sergeant(6) Lv1

Gundam Pixie Lv1: Ensign(7) Lv1

Gundam G3 Lv1: Ensign(7) Lv5

Action Zaku Lv1: Ensign(7) Lv5

Pezun Dowadge Lv1: Lieutenant(8) Lv1

Gundam Alex Lv1: Lieutenant(8) Lv5

Kampfer Lv1: Lieutenant(8) Lv5

Powered GM Lv1: Captain(9) Lv1

Mudrock Gundam Lv1: Major(10) Lv1

Galbaldy α Lv1: Major(10) Lv1

Gelgoog Marine Commander Type Lv1: Major(10) Lv1

Gundam Zephyranthes Lv1: Lieutenant Colonel(11) Lv5

Gundam Physalis Lv1: Lieutenant Colonel(11) Lv5