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We don't want people mistaking Units now, Do we?

 Attention all Wiki Contributors, This is a list of all the MS units that are missing a whole page or data. Anything you add a page or so, Please put in ( ) what is missing if you are missing any data on it. Otherwise if it's completely filled in. Please Remove that unit from the list. If you find that a new MS is added into the game or find that a MS is lacking Data on it's own page, Please add it on to the list!

Missing Zeon MS Info/PagesEdit

  • Shin Matsunaga's Zaku II FS
  • Dom Heavy Combat Type/HC (Missing Weapon Data)
  • Dowadge
  • Gelgoog Commander Type/S (Missing all Data on it)
  • Efreet (Missing All Data on it)
  • Gelgoog Cannon
  • Dom Tropen (Missing Data on One skill)
  • Gelgoog Mass Production Type (Needs weapons + Picture)
  • Kampfer (Missing weapons and Skills)
  • Zaku I Sniper Commander Type ( Weapons + Data)
  • Zaku II Kai B-Type (Missing Weapons and skills)
  • Zaku II Kai/Fz (Missing Weapons + Skills)

Missing Earth Federation Forces MS Info/PagesEdit

  • Mass Production Guntank (Missing Weapons)
  • GM Night Seeker
  • Blue Destiny Unit 1 (Missing Stats + Weapon Data)
  • Gundam Ground Type "GM Head" (Missing Picture)
  • G-3 Gundam (Missing Weapon Data)
  • Blue Destiny Unit 3 (Missing Abilities Data)
  • Gundam Alex (Missing Abilities Data)
  • Mass Production Guncannon (Missing Weapon Data)

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