Skill: Leg Shock AbsorberEdit

Reduces load on legs when landing after jumping or boosting. "Load" refers to the termporary "damage" that occurs to legs when landing. This skill can be very useful when legs are damaged, to prevent fall/stagger upon touchdown. 

This skill can be equipped to a mobile suit using the custom part "Strengthening Shock Absorber." The skill and custom part do not stack however. A mobile suit with Leg Shock Absorber lvl 1, equipped with the "Strenghthening Shock Absorber lvl 2" custom part, will only end up with the skill "Leg Shock Absorber lvl 2." 


1 5% reduction of load damage after jumping, 5% of load damage reduction after boosting
2 10% of load damage reduction after jumping, 5% of load damage reduction after boosting
3 15% of load damage reduction after jumping, 10% of load damage reduction after boosting
4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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