Starting the gmae

Controls, Moves, and General Information

Menu TranslationEdit

Online Room


  • Mobile Suit
  • Hangar
  • Medals


  • Online Shop
  • MS
  • Weapons
  • Custom Parts
  • Decal
  • Hangar

Paint (Unlockable)


  • Missions Played
  • Side you play the most (Federation/Zeon)
  • Accumulated Points
  • Pilot Level
  • Experience Earned

2nd Page

Total Unlocks:

  • MS
  • Weapons
  • Custom Parts
  • Decals
  • paid content(?)

1.How many bought/developed

2.How many haven been fully developed but haven't been purchased yet

3.Still in development


  • Control
    • Stabilize: On/Off
    • Left Stick Sensitivity
    • Right Stick Vertical: Normal/Invert
    • Right Stick Horizontal: Normal/Invert
    • Vibration: On/Off
  • Sound
    • Backgound Music Volume
    • Sound Effect Volume
    • Voice Over Volume
    • Operator Voice Type (Male or Female)
  • Credits


Online Room Search/Create Settings and Options TranslationEdit

Online Room Search/Create Settings (Top to Bottom)

  • Stage Select
  • Minimum Rank Level Allowed
  • Maximum Rank Level Allowed
  • Preferred Side (Default = Any, Short Name = Fed, Longer Name = Zeon)
  • Minimum Number of Players for both sides
  • Room Comment:
    • Anyone can join!
    • Intense Soldiers needed!
    • Let's have a liesurely match!
    • Let's settle things in one battle!
    • Will be playing multiple matches.
    • Seeking friends to play with!
    • Voice chat preferred.
    • For those who don't care about winning/losing.
    • <<Input own description>>
  • Private Game Setting (OFF, ON) Note: As the host, pressing Triangle in the 'Online Room' gives the option to turn off the private match, but you will no longer be able to turn it back on.
  • Search/Create game(s) with parameters set

Online Room Options (Top to Bottom)

  • Ready Up -> Confirmation Box
  • Customize/MS Selection
  • MS and Part Development
  • Database
  • Options
  • Game Rules
  • Misc Team Options
    • View Equipment
    • Applaud player (gives that player the "Applaud Trophy")
    • View player's PSN ID file
    • Kicks player (Need to be room host)
  • Invite Player(s)
    • Invite Player to Federation Side
    • Invite Player to Zeon Side