The Gundam Pixie is an "Event-Only" Close Combat Type that is quite unique. Unlike most Close Combat Type MS, Gundam Pixie is not detectable on radar until you see it with your own MS at close range. Gundam Pixie is like Acguy, except that Gundam Pixie can demolish any foolish ZEON MS that are constantly camping or retreating by itself in only two melee combos.
Gundam Pixie

Gundam Pixie in Battle Operation.

However, despite having the LV2 Hovering Dash skill, it may only sustain a Boost Dash for roughly three seconds. This reason, alongside the Pixie's very weak armor, low HP, high Bounty, and long Respawn Time makes the Pixie a very poor choice for frontline combat like other Melee suits, such as the GM Striker or Prototype Gundam, and it should not be used recklessly.

Level VariationsEdit

Level Bounty Respawn Time HP Bullet Resistance Beam Resistance Melee Resistance Range Combat Power Melee Combat Power Speed Boosters Melee Slots Balance Slots Ranged Slots



Rarity Development Cost
1 350 27 seconds 8000 31 42 65 15 99 230 75 8 3 3 Ensign 01* Event 3-Star 25000P
2 375 30 seconds 8500 40 45 93 15 102 230 77 9 4 4 Lieutenant 06 3-Star 28300P
3 400 32 seconds 9000 48 48 121 15 106 230 79 10 5 5 Captain 06 3-Star 33800P
4 425 34 seconds 9500 56 51 149 15 110 230 79 11 6 6 Major 06 3-Star 34300P
5 450 36 seconds? 10000 65 54 177 15 114 230 79 21 11 7 Lieutenant Colonel 05 3-Star JPY300

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
100mm Machine Gun Bullet
90mm Machine Gun Bullet


English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Head Vulcans Bullet
Beam Daggers Melee Has much shorter attack range than most other melee weapons


English Name Japanese Name Unit Level Effect
Leg Shock Absorber 脚部ショックアブソーバー LV2 Reduces leg load after jumping/ dashing
Quick Boost クイックブースト N/A Charge time for boost jumps lowered
Hovering Dash ホバリングダッシュ LV2 Increases thruster duration
High Performance Balancer 高性能バランサー N/A Allows mobile suit to cancel landing stagger with melee attack
Melee Controller 格闘連撃制御 LV2 Ups number of melee swings possible
Stealth ステルス N/A MS becomes invisible on rader unless attacking or boosting