The Gouf Custom was designed with improved close quarters shooting and detachable weapons. It was designed primarily for ace pilots preferring a lighter mobile suit that could leap and jump as opposed to the heavy, yet effective MS-09 Dom. The Gouf Custom featured multiple changes to the MS-07B, including the elimination of the awkward five finger 75mm machine guns, replacing it with a normal manipulator and a wrist mounted 3-barrel 35mm Machine gun. The coil-like heat rod is replaced with a magnetic grappler wire that connects and disables an enemy with an electric charge rather than damaging them. The grappler wire could also be used as a repelling line that could slow or even halt the descent of a falling Gouf in the right conditions. The shield of the Gouf was modified so that it not only stored the Gouf's heat sword but is also capable of carrying a 75mm gatling gun, greatly enhancing the mobile suit's fire power.

Level VariationsEdit




Rarity Development Cost














Speed Boosters







1 10 Sergeant 2 Star 8100P 14 seconds 8500 42 45 48 34 66 230 120 9 8 3
2 Master Sergeant 10 1 Star 20100P 15 seconds 9000 45 48 76 34 70 230 122 10 9 4
3 Ensign 10 1 Star 25000P 17 seconds 9500 46 51 104 34 74 230 124 11 10 5
4 Lieutenant 10 1 Star 29800P 19 seconds 10000 51 54 132 34 78 230 126 12 11 6
5 Major 01 1 Star JPY 300 21 seconds 10500 54 56 160 34 82 230 128 22 16 7
6 Major 10 1 Star 35200P 22 seconds 11000 56 59 188 34 86 230 130 24 18 9
7 1 Star 74700P 13500 82 82 216 40 112 230 143 25 19 10

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Gatling Shield


bullet This weapon also acts as a defensive shield, and if it is destroyed, this weapon becomes unusable until the next time the suit respawns


English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
35mm 3-barrel machine gun bullet Best used as a backup ranged weapon in the case of the Gatling Shield being destroyed. Shorter barrel length and spread usually makes this the better anti-infantry weapon when dealing with base bombers.
Heat Rod(Wire) If It hits, It stuns an MS for a longer period of time than the overheat melee attack.
Heat Sword melee


English Name Japanese Name Unit level Effects
Leg Shock Absorber 脚部ショックアブソーバー LV1 Reduces leg load after jumping/ dashing
Quick Boost クイックブースト N/A Charge time for boost jumps lowered
Hovering Dash ホバリングダッシュ LV2 Increases thruster duration
High Performance Balancer 高性能バランサー N/A Allows mobile suit to cancel landing stagger with melee attack
Melee Controller 格闘連撃制御 LV2 Ups number of melee swings possible

Tips and StrategiesEdit

If used adequately the gatling shield can cripple a support unit's legs making the kill much easier or make short work of GM cannons from mid-range.

Unit VariationEdit

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