Marine Guards
The MS-14F Gelgoog Marine is a variant of the A-type Gelgoog that was designed to be an overall more-effective mobile suit, while reducing production cost at the same time.To make the Gelgoog Marine maneuverable, numerous thrusters and extra propellant tanks were added to the suit. In order to cut costs, the Gelgoog's large Zulu-like shield was replaced with a "knuckle shield", modified from a Zaku II shoulder shield. The Gelgoog Marine could also carry a 90mm machine gun instead of a beam rifle. Being of the Close range type class, The Gelgoog Marine is considered to be a rival unit to the GM Guards Type due to the fact that the Gelgoog Marine's Speed and Melee combos are slightly better while the GM Guards Type is made for more of a defensive role. As a Gelgoog, The Gelgoog Marine has a full three hit melee combo compared to the Gelgoog Commander's two melee hits and the Mass-produced Gelgoog's One melee hit. However, Due to the removal of some of the armor and the shield being changed from it's usual Zulu-like shield to the Zaku "Knuckle" Shield, It has lost some of it's defence for that speed and lost the ability to tank damage with it's shield.

Mobile Suit Level StatsEdit

Cost 325 350 375 400
HP 12000 12500 13000 13500
Bullet DEF 59 65 70 76
Beam DEF 59 65 70 76
Melee DEF 54 82 110 138
Range ATK 34 34 34 34
Melee ATK 79 83 87 91
Move Speed 245 245 245 245
Thrusters 120 122 124 126
Req. Rank Sergeant Major 10 Lieutenant 07
Rarity 3-Star 2-Star 2-Star 2-Star
Dev. Rate 40% 10% 8% 8%
Dev. Cost 25200P 35400P 42900P 52200P
Respawn Time 23 seconds 24 seconds 28 seconds 30 seconds

Custom Parts SlotsEdit

Melee 6 7 8 9
Mid 5 6 7 8
Long 3 4 5 6

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
MMP-80 Machine Gun w/Grenade Launcher/MMP-80 GN Bullet


English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Grenade Launcher Ballistic Is a part of and levels with MMP-80 GN
Beam Saber Melee
Vulcan Gun Bullet


Durability 2700 2835 2970 3375


MS LV Note
Leg Shock Absorber LV3 1
Hovering Dash LV1 1
High Performance Radar
High Mobility System 1
Melee Controller 2