Gelgoog Ground Type Commander Type

Gelgoog Ground Command Type is a universally upgraded version of the regular Gelgoog Ground Type, with the only sacrifice being the high performance scope no longer being built in, and a 50 point higher cost.. It now has a High Performance Balancer, a dodge-roll, and a Observation Information Consolidation. It is also capable of wielding the standard Gelgoog Beam Rifle, making it a suitable pseudo Balanced type. Its backup weapons, while not terribly powerful, are notable for their extreme range. Its gatling gun is particularly useful for chipping off armor at range during beam rifle cool down, and the grenade launcher is great for causing some quick damage to a stationary unit. Its signature beam rifle is capable of causing a stun without charging, and its reload rate is almost exactly that of a MS being unstunned. At close range it is entirely possible to hold an enemy suit in place for all 3 shots while you call for help, or to switch to your backup weapons. The beam rifle can also be charged for very high damage.

Suit StatsEdit

Cost 300 325 350 375
HP 15000 15500 16000 16500
Ballistic Armor 42 54 65 76
Beam Armor 42 54 65 76
Melee Armor 48 65 82 98
Shoot 79 83 87 91
Melee 28 29 31 32
Speed 200 200 200 200
Thruster 110 112 114 116
Short Range Slot 3 4 5 6
Mid Range Slot 7 8 9 10
Long Range Slot 8 9 10 11
Development Rate 15% 10% 8% 8%
Development Cost 20400P 25900P 29700P 31500P
Required Rank Master Sergeant 09? Lieutenant 03? Lieutenant 10? Major 02?
Rarity 2 star 2 star 2 star 2 star
Recovery Time 21 seconds 22 seconds 24 seconds 26 seconds


Name LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4
Leg Shock Absorber LV2 LV2 LV2 LV2
Hovering Dash LV2 LV2 LV2 LV2
High Performance Balancer Without level Without level Without level Without level
High Performance Radar Without level Without level Without level Without level
Observation Information Consolidation Without level Without level Without level Without level
Emergency Avoidance Control Without level Without level Without level Without level


Gelgoog Ground Prototype Beam Rifle 1800(3600) 1890(3780) 1980(3960) 2250(4500) 600m
Gelgoog Beam Rifle 1350(2400) 1417(2518) 1484(2637) 1685(2994) 400m
MMP-80 Machine Gun 135 141 147 165 150m

Sub Weapons:

Arm Grenade Launcher 300 315 330 375 400m
Arm Gatling Gun 90 94 98 110 400m
Beam Naginata 1800 1890 1980 2250 Melee


Name Durability LV1 Durability LV2 Durability LV3 Durability LV4
Shield 1500 1575 1650 1875

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