Img ms-gelgoog cannon

Gelgoog Cannon

The Gelgoog Cannon is equipped with a specialized head unit and mounts a powerful beam cannon on a modified B-type backpack, and even with it, the suit's reactor is still powerful enough to support other weapons systems. This meant the Gelgoog Cannon could carry beam rifles and bazookas, or even swap out the forearm jet engines to mount optional missile launchers. For defense, the Gelgoog Cannon could be equipped with a buckler shield, a small arm-mounted shield, in place of the forearm jet engines on the left forearm. As the Gelgoog Cannon made use of the B-types powerful backpack, it had enough thrust to keep itself maneuverable despite the added weaponry weight. The suit soon proved itself a capable fire-support and anti-fleet unit.

Mobile Suit Level StatsEdit



EXP 350 375 400
HP 12500 13000 13500
Bullet DEF 45 62 79
Beam DEF 51 68 84
Melee DEF 31 40 48
Range ATK 79 83 87
Melee ATK 21 21 21
Move Speed 155 155 155
Thrusters 110 112 114
Rarity 3-Stars
Dev. Rate
Dev. Cost 31700P

Custom Parts SlotsEdit

Melee 3 4 5
Mid 4 5 6
Long 6 7 8

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