Garma Custom Zaku II
The Zaku II FS is very likely to be the first new Zeon mobile suit acquired, as well as the first melee type. The Zaku FS is likely going to be a very popular suit early on, due to its increased speed over the standard Zaku II, the moderately powerful 3-hit heat hawk combo, and its vulcans being far more effective at shooting down airbourne infantry and Wappas than the standard Zaku II machinegun. However, the vulcans are not as effective as the standard Zaku IIs cracker grenades when it comes to fighting mobile suits or attacking infantry behind cover. The Zaku II FS suffers from the same weakness as most other melee types, in that it has fairly low armor, and it has to get into very close proximity with the enemy in order to do much damage. Early on, when most Federation players are using standard GMs/Cannons/Light Armors, a player with a Zaku II FS may be able to easily outperform the standard GM equipped with a machine gun or beam spray gun, as well as stand on fairly equal ground with the Light Armors. The Cannons, though, despite the Support class suits weakness against Melee class mobile suits, need to be dealt with carefully, as their cannons are not only very effective for long-range sniping, but they can initiate a stun lock as well, and they can easily take out a Zaku FS before it can even get close enough to do damage. When other players have access to heavier hitting, stun lock inducing weapons like bazookas and cannons, trying to take on a lone enemy can be very difficult without backup.

Level VariationsEdit

Level Cost HP







Shooting Correction Fighting Correction





Speed Boosters









Dev. %
Starter 50 4500 37 37 20 15 53 230 100 185 110 0 0 0 N/A N/A
1 100 5500 37 45 48 15 66 230 100 230 110 17 12 3 3000P 40%
2 125 6000 40 48 76 15 70 230 107 230 112 18 13 4 4000P 20%
3 150 6500 42 51 104 15 74 230 109 230 114 19 14 5 8400P 10%


175 7000 45 54 132 15 78 230 116 20 15 6 14200P 8%





56 160 15 82 230 118 30 20 7 JPY300 120000P 8%
6 225 8000 51 59 188 15 86 230 120 32 22 9 26800P 6%
7 250 8500 54 62 216 15 89 230 122 33 23 10 31600P 3%

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Zaku Machine Gun ク・マシンガン Bullet
MMP-80 Machine Gun MMP-80マシンガン Bullet Cannot Be fitted on to the Starter Model


English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Head Vulcan


Heat Hawk




English Name Japanese Name

MS level

Leg shock abosrber-Lv1 1-4 Reduce leg load at the time of the landing. 5 percent after the jump. 5% avoidance behavior after.
Leg shock absorber-Lv2 5+ Reduce leg load at the time of the landing. 10% after the jump. 5% avoidance behavior after. 1% increase in the recovery rate of the leg load after the occurrence.
Quick boost 1+ Reduce the time of the reservoir when jumping.
Hovering dash-Lv1 1-3 The increase in 1.16 seconds, the maximum duration of avoidance behavior after.
Hovering dash-Lv2 4-6 The increase in 1.33 seconds, the maximum duration of avoidance behavior after.
Hovering dash-lv3 7 The increase in 1.5 seconds, the maximum duration of avoidance behavior after.
High performance balancer 1+ Allows mobile suit to cancel landing stagger with melee attack.
Fighting continuous hammer control-Lv2 1+ The MS will be available to continuously swing up to three times in melee.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Unit VariationEdit

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