Marine Guards
Over the course of the One Year War, the Federation created variations of the GM Sniper Custom to be outfitted for specific roles. The GM Sniper Custom was revamped into several designs, one of them being the RGM-79HC GM Guard Custom. The GM Guard Custom is designed to protect the main battleship. The GM Guard Custom retains the "face guard" visor over its standard sensors. GM Guard Custom adds a pair of beam daggers and vulcan guns on the shoulder. The most notable feature is its large Guardian Shield, used for defense.The RGM-79HC GM Guard Custom is another variation of the GM. Based on the GM Sniper Custom, its another high-performance variation of the GM deployed onto the defense of friendly fleet and military facilities

The GM Guard Custom's shield has about half the HP as the GP02A's, however it is still far more durable than most other shields, and as a "Guards" Custom, the shield should be used to tank damage for allies.The GM Guard Custom also has a similar melee pattern to the GM Sniper Custom, but with a shorter range as it uses a handheld dagger as opposed to a forearm mounted saber, and it can attack up to three times thanks to the Melee Controller LV2 skill.

Mobile Suit Level StatsEdit

Cost 325 350 375 400
HP 11000 11500 12000 12500
Bullet DEF 54 70 87 104
Beam DEF 54 70 87 104
Melee DEF 65 87 110 132
Range ATK 28 28 28 28
Melee ATK 86 89 93 97
Move Speed 215 215 215 215
Thrusters 120 122 124 126
Req. Rank Sergeant 02 Lieutenant 03 Captain 03 Major 02
Rarity 2-Star 2-Star 2-Star 2-Star
Dev. Rate 15% 12% 10% 10%
Dev. Cost 19200P 27700P 36300P 48800
Respawn Time 24 seconds 26 seconds 29 seconds 31 seconds


Shield 15000 15000 15000 16000

Custom Parts SlotsEdit

Melee 8 9 10 11
Mid 6 7 8 9
Long 3 4 5 6

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Beam Spray Gun E-2 Beam
100mm Machine Gun Bullet


English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Beam Dagger Melee
Shoulder Vulcans Bullet


MS LV Note
Leg Shock Absorber LV3 1
Hovering Dash LV2 1
High Performance Radar
High Mobility System 1
Melee Controller LV2 1
Strength Tackle