Enhanced Firing ProgramEdit

The firing and fighting enhancement programs are the most basic parts of a damage build. They don't take many slots and stack easily. This part, matched with the damange enhancing medals or the Database Link can lead to a highly increased damage output, and can put lower tier mobile suits more on par with higher tier suits, as lower tier suits typically have more slots for customization.

Name Picture Level Melee Slot Mid Range Slot Long Range Slot Effect Drop Rariy Cost
Enhanced Firing Program 1 0 2 0 Increases Shooting Stat by 3

One Star


2 0 4 0 Increases Shooting Stat by 7 One Star (15%) 4700
3 0 6 0 Increases Shooting Stat by 13 One Star (10%) 1030
IMG 20130713 004607
4 0 8 0 Increases Shooting Stat by 18

One Star


JPY 200
5 0 10 0 Increases Shooting Stat by 22 One Star (8%) 18100

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