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The Earth Federations mobile suit roster is Support heavy, with a General Purpose class that packs lots of bazookas and rocket launchers, and even a long range beam cannon. Their Melee roster leaves a lot to be desired, with only four regularly available Melee mobile suits (The Prototype Gundam, Light Armor GM, GM Striker, and recently made regular drop Blue Destiny Unit 1) with 2 additional being rewards for purchasing a game or manga, and one being an event only mobile suit. 

Besides their main weapon, most Federation mobile suits are equipped with a beam saber, and either vulcan guns or grenades. Most Federation mobile suits also have a shield, improving their defense. Some, notably the Guncannon/Guntank series, and all of the normally available melee suits, lack one entirely.

Moblie SuitsEdit

g line light armor Role Notes
GM ジム General Purpose
GM White Dingo Type General Purpose
GM Light Armor Melee
GM Ground Type 陸戦型ジム General Purpose
GM Command ジム・コマンド General Purpose
GM Kai/ Type C ジム改 General Purpose
GM Cold Climate Type/ Type D General Purpose
GM Cannon ジム・キャノン Support
GM Sniper ジム・スナイパー Support
GM Striker ​Melee
GM Ground Type with weapon rack (WR) Support
GM Sniper Custom Support
GM Sniper Custom Shimoda Squad Type Support
GM Sniper II Support
GM Sniper II White Dingo Type General Purpose
Guntank ガンタンク Support
Mass-Production Type Guntank Support
Guncannon Support
Guncannon SML Support Event Suit
Mass-Production Type Guncannon Support
Guncannon Heavy Arms Support
Gundam Ground Type 陸戦型ガンダム General Purpose
Gundam Ground Type (GM Head) General Purpose
Gundam Ground Type with weapon rack (WR) Support
Gundam Ez8 ガンダムEz8 General Purpose Event Suit
Prototype Gundam ​Melee
Gundam ガンダム General Purpose
G3 Gundam G3


General Purpose Event Suit
Full Armor Gundam Support
Gundam Alex General Purpose

Event Suit

Blue Destiny Unit 1 ​Melee

Purchase Code Redeemable(SD G Generation)/Event

Blue Destiny Unit 3 General Purpose Event Suit
Gundam Pixie ​Melee Event Suit
GM Night Seeker II ​Melee Purchase Code Redeemable (Manga MSV-R)
Gundam GP-01 Zephyranthes General Purpose

Event Suit

Desert GM General Purpose
GM Guard Custom Melee
Guncannon II Support Event Suit
Mudrock Gundam Support Event Suit
Aqua GM Support
GM Cannon II Support
Powered GM General Purpose
Pale Rider General Purpose Purchase Code Redeemable(Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link)
G-Line Light Armor Melee Event Suit
SW Slave Wraith General Purpose Event Suit


Vehicles Edit

Type 61 Main Battle Tank