Skill: EXAM System Edit

The EXAM system is unique to the Efreet Kai/Custom and the Blue Destiny series of mobile suits. When HP dips below 30%, the EXAM system will activate for a period of 90 seconds. During EXAM activation, leg and head damage is completely negated, thruster duration is increased, running speed is increased, and damage output is significantly increased.

The EXAM system stays active, and continues to count down even when you leave the mobile suit, or if it is captured. Repair is possible during EXAM mode, but when the time expires, head and leg parts will break no matter their current HP/damage level. 

Important to note the EXAM system can only be activated once per unit spawn. Even if fully repaired, it will not actiavte again until your unit is destroyed. 

Because the EXAM system activates at 30% of total HP and not base HP, it is advisable to use HP increasing custom parts on EXAM equipped mobile suits. This ensures that when the EXAM system does activate, you will have the maximum amount of health possible to use the EXAM sytem to its fullest extent.