MS-09 DomEdit


The Dom is a Balanced Type MS for Zeon that has access to the Giant Bazooka and Zaku Machine Guns which typically aren't the weapon choice for the Dom. While the Dom lacks in ranged combat, it makes up with it's close combat capabilities. Using it's scattering beam gun installed in their chest, they can blind an enemy while stunning them if used directly in front of their MS. This can be especially useful when facing multiple MS, as it will stun anyone in range and facing you. Do not rely on the scattering beam gun for stuns because it is very unreliable and will typically not stun the same opponent in succession. 

Another feature of note is its hovering locomotion, instead of running. This can be a great skill once mastered, and can provide for incredible dodging ability. However, a flaw in the game mechanics can make the Dom's hovering a big disadvantage. The flaw is that teammates may unknowlingly push the ungrounded Dom's  around, sometimes catapulting them into the enemies line of fire. So, always try to work in conjunction with either skilled players or other Doms. 

Another flaw contributable to the Dom's hovering is it's massive legs. They present a large target for any support-type so it is highly recommended that you avoid lingering in an enemy snipers line of sight. 

Dom Tips:

-The Dom's right and left melee strike will tend to not hit things immediatly infront of the MS. The side strikes are best used when passing enemy MS.

-The Dom's knockdown melee strike has a long reach but is very narrow and incredibly obvious. Be especially careful when using it to avoid getting countered. (Seriously, never ever try this attack on an enemy unless you just saw him use his tackle or dodge roll. This move is apparently more open to countering then others. You can even get countered if you missed your target)

-Leg Armor Lv.1 at least is recommended when using any Dom. The Dom is dependant on it's speed and crippled legs make the Dom practically immobile. 

-Refrain from firing the Giant Bazooka whilst turning, this will ruin it's accuracy and drive shots off course. 

-The Dom isn't a frontliner. It's massive size is incredibly obvious and so should follow others into battle to do large amounts of damage with it's melee weapon. 

-Conserve your boost guage. If you pulled of a successful knockdown strike and have boost left, immediately  boost backwards then tackle. This move is quite effective due to the Dom's powerful tackle, but remember that tackles should only be attempted when enemies aren't in the immediate vicinity and the target is of extremely low health. The ability to dodge roll is often more valuable than a couple hundred extra points of damage. 

Level VariationsEdit

Level Cost HP

Bullet Resistance

Beam Resistance

Melee Resistance

Range Damage

Melee Damage

Speed Boosters

Melee Slots

Balance Slots

Ranged Slots

Dev. Cost



9500 31 34 31 40 40 260 115 7 10 6
2 225 10000 40 42 40 44 41 260 117 8 11 7
3 250 10500 48 51 48 48 43 260 119 9 12 8
4 275 11000 56 59 56 52 44 260 121 10 13 9
5 300 11500 65 68 65 52 45 260 123 15 18 14
6 325 12000 73 76 73 60 47 260 125 17 20 16 35900P

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
360mm Bazooka Ballistic
Zaku Machine Gun Bullet
MMP-80 Machine Gun Bullet


English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Beam Gun Has very short range, Initiates a stunlock
Heat Saber Melee


English Name Japanese Name Unit level Effects
Leg Shock Absorber 脚部ショックアブソーバー LV2 Reduces leg load after jumping/ dashing
Hovering Dash ホバリングダッシュ LV2 Increases thruster duration
High Performance Balancer 高性能バランサー N/A Allows mobile suit to cancel landing stagger with melee attack
Emergency Avoidance Control 緊急回避制御 N/A Pushing X twice results in emergy maneuver
Melee Controller 格闘連撃制御 LV1 Ups number of melee swings possible