Database LinkEdit

A great custom part, the Database Link used to be resuerved almost exclusively for Support type mobile suits as it's original slot requirement was 0/5/15 for level 1, and 3/5/20 for level 2. Update in December 2012 fixed the slot requirements allowing nearly any mobile suit to equip this part easily. It is well worth it to equip this part to support and general purpose types, as their bazookas, cannons, and beam rifles already do high damage, so a 5% increase is fairly substantial. Melee mobile suits equipping this is rather hit or miss, as most saber strikes hit the torso, but if you're good at aiming for the legs or head, it can prove a great asset. 

Name Picture Level Melee Slot Midrange Slot Long Range Slot Effect Drop Rarity Cost
Database Link 1 0 1 3

5% increase to enemy mobile suit's legs and head

Two Star (30%)

2 1 1 4 10% increase to enemy mobile suit's legs and head Two Star (30%) 4700P

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