Custom PartsEdit

In the game most of the suits have slots for custom parts. These slots generally coordinate with unit type in number, starting at the top with melee, mid range, and long range. Each of these groups of custom parts slots have a number, which corresponds to the numbers on custom parts. If a custom part takes up 1, 3, 0, and your mobile suits part slots number 5,7,13, then afer equipping said part, you will have 4,4,13 space left for more parts. These custom part slots can be expanded in the Hangar, which is another section entirely. 

In the custom part menu, the first tab is all parts available, and can be organized in several ways. This list will breakdown what is contained within each tab after the general listing of all available parts. Every part pictured is level one, but further levels typically look similar, and can be grouped together by pressing square until parts are sorted together by type and level, if you are unsure. 

Damage EnhancementEdit

Picture (Level One) English Name Japanese Name Effects Comments
IMG 20130714 001523
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Increases damange to enemy mobile suits legs and head
IMG 20130714 000844
Enhanced Firing Program


Increase the mobile suit's Ranged rating
IMG 20130713 004536
Enchanced Melee Program


Increase the mobile suit's melee rating
IMG 20130713 004514
High Output Melee Chip 格闘出力向上 Gives a large boost to melee damage
IMG 20130713 004658
High Precision Convergence Ring 高精度収束リング Decreases time to full charge on beam weaponry
IMG 20130713 004612
Quick Loader クイックローダー Reduces loading time of balistic weapons
IMG 20130713 004703
Auxiliary Generator 補助ジェネレーター Shortens oveheat period for beam weaponry
IMG 20130713 004642
Close Range Booster  近接突撃用増加推進器 Increases damage output for tackles

Health/Defense EnhancementsEdit

Picture English Name Japanese Name Effects Comments
IMG 20130713 004728
Anti-Beam Armor


Increase beam resistance
IMG 20130713 004734
Anti-Bullet Armor


Increase bullet resistance
IMG 20130713 004738
Anti Shock Armor


Increase melee resistance
IMG 20130713 004723
Modified Head Armor


Increase Head HP
IMG 20130713 004805
Modified Leg Armor


Increase Leg HP
IMG 20130713 004754
Strengthened Frame


Increase suit's overall HP
IMG 20130713 004749
New Model Frame 新型フレーム

Major boost to suit's overall HP

IMG 20130713 004743
Shield Reinforcement シールド補強材 Boosts HP of shield, if equipped Only applies to breakable shields (Not Zaku's shoulder shield, Gyan's shield, etc...
IMG 20130713 004759
Strengthened Armor Material 強化装甲材 Major boost to HP of shield, if eqiupped Only applies to breakable shields (Not Zaku's shoulder shield, Gyan's shield, etc...

Mobility EnhancementsEdit

Picture English Name Japanese Name Effects Comments
IMG 20130714 003811
High-Performance Running Mechanism


increases the mobile suit speed rating
IMG 20130713 004822
Hover Nozzle


Increases the mobile suit boost duration. This part can effectively grant the skill Hovering Dash, but is stackable, unlike most special purpose parts
IMG 20130713 004828
Thruster Control System


Increases the mobile suit thruster rating
IMG 20130713 004818
Refigeration System 冷却システム Increases recovery speed of thruster gage
IMG 20130713 004841
Forced Cooling System 強制冷却システム Increases recovery speed of thruster gage greatly
IMG 20130713 004834
High Performance Thrusters 高性能スラスター Increases the thruster rating greatly

Auxiliary Edit

Picture English Name Japanese Name Effects Comments
IMG 20130714 001504
AD-ASL AD-ASL Increases the area ASL (automatic targeting adjustment)
IMG 20130713 004852
Field Motor


Increase the mobile suit's turning rate modifying the reticle's response
IMG 20130713 004857
Reaction Limiter 反応速度リミッター Incresaes mobile suits rotation speed modifing reticle's response
IMG 20130713 004906
High Precision Sight 高精度照準器 Reduces diffustion at long range
IMG 20130713 004901
Shooting Recoil Absorber 射撃反動吸収 Reduces blurring of reticle during firing

Special (equips skills or gives special enhancement)Edit

Picture Enlgish Name Japanese Name Effects Comments
IMG 20130713 004937
Strengthening Shock Absorber 強化ショックアブソーバー Reduces leg load after jumping/ dashing Grants skill Leg Shock Absorber
IMG 20130713 004931
Quick Boost クイックブースト Charge time for boost jumps lowered Grants skill Quick Boost
IMG 20130713 004926
High Performance Scope 高性能スコープ Allows sniper zoom Grants skill High-Performance Scope
IMG 20130713 004915
Mission Prep. Disk 出撃準備短縮プログラム Reduces respawn time of Mobile Suit by 5% Can be combined with medals that decrease respawn time
IMG 20130713 004920
Mobile Suit Type Specialization Disk MSタイプ特化プログラム Damage to (weak) opposing type increased 5% Damage received from (strong) opposing type increased 10%


If  you're in a red/melee suit, you will deal 5% higher damage to yellows, but take 10% more damage from blues.