Melee (any suit with a red icon) is one of the three classes in Gundam Battle Operation. They are strong against support types (yellow) and are weak to all-purpose (blue). 

Attributes unique to most melee class mobile suits are the ability to perform 3 hit melee combos, the general poor quality of their ranged weapons, and on average melee suits far surpass other types in speed. 

In game, melee suits excel at doing large amounts of damage in short periods of time. While being weak to all-purpose, a properly piloted melee type can utilize the melee fighting mechanics to supress all-purpose types long enough to do considerable damage. Of course, a melee suits main target should be any unprotected support  types, seeing as their damage boost against them allows them to cut down support types very rapidly. 

Basic Melee Guide:

Combos are performed by pressing R1 while moving the left analog stick in various directions. 

The direction the analogue stick is pointed determines the swing taken. 

Pointing the analogue stick upwards results in a narrow, high damage attack. Generally best used to strike downed enemies. 

To the left or right and you get a lower damage but far wider ranging side swiping slash. 

A downwards attack initaiates a heavy, knockdown slash. This attack should be used with caution and only from behind an enemy because this attack is the easist to counter. So wait for your opponent to dodge roll or tackle to use this attack. Also, this attack locks the user in place unless you have boost enough to dodge roll out of the lock or rear boost. 

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