Canyon MapEdit

The newest map, and the largest one to date. There are several pathways from each base leading to a large central area where most combat occurs. The central area is a donut shaped, with a large mountain in the center for support units and cover. Great map for Acguy's and Gundam Pixie's due to the size, amount of cover, and multiple pathways to advance from. 

Support types can have trouble on this map, as there is a lot of cover for melee units, and there are many areas where long or high jumps are best to navigate terrain. The long alleys leading to and from either base can also be a help, or hindrance to Support types, as there is less room for melee units to dodge, but navigating them in tanks and slower units can prove a disadvantage against highly mobile melee units. 

Due to the Canyon's large size and multiple pathways, your base is more open to being secretly base bombed by the enemy. Make sure that all three pathways are monitered when you are stuck waiting to be respawn into the game, and keep watch for units leaving the central battle field towards your base.