A picture of a Blue Destiny Unit-2.

Blue Destiny Unit 02Edit

The Blue Destiny Unit-2 is an event only unit that is the 1st of the Gundam type mobile suits that is available on the Zeon faction. It's EXAM System and combination of the mobile suits available beam rifle or customized machine gun, and it's chest missles which can stun,  can prove to be quite a deadly combo in the hands of a skilled pilot. Stats are exactly the same as the Blue Destiny Unit 03 on the Federation side, with only the paint scheme and shield differing aesthetically, though it may not use the Federations 90mm Bullpup Machine Gun as it's "sister" suit, it may use the Zeon Force's equally powerful MMP-80 Machine Gun, though these weapons are often overshadowed by their other two available weapons. The reason why the Blue Destiny Unit 02 is on ZEON's side is because Zeon Ace Pilot Nimbus Schterzen, The "Paladin Of ZEON", Gundamjacked it from the EFF and brought it to Side 4, Where the Blue Destiny Unit 02 was customized into his own tastes.

Level VariationsEdit

Level Cost HP Bullet Resistance Beam Resistance Melee Resistance Range Damage Melee Damage Speed Boosters Melee Slots Balance Slots Support Slots Points Cost to Get?
1 275 9500 37 37 37 66 60 230 105 6 8 3 17800P
2 300 10000 45 45 54 69 62 230 107 7 9 4 25500P
3 325 10500 54 54 70 71 65 230 109 8 10 5 29900P
4 350 11000 62 62 87 74 67 230 111 9 11 6 35500P
5 375 11500 70 70 104 76 70 230 113 14 16 11 JPY300


Shield HP 1400 1470 1540 1750

Custom Parts SlotsEdit

Melee 6 7 8 9
Mid 8 9 10 11
Long 3 4 5 6

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile Type Comments Shared with?
100mm Machine Gun Kai Bullet Blue Destiny Unit 1, Blue Destiny Unit 3, Gundam Ground Type (GM Head)
Gundam Ground Type Beam Rifle Beam Can be charged to make a Stunlock Beam Shot Blue Destiny Unit 1, Blue Destiny Unit 3, Gundam Ground Type, Gundam EZ8, GM (White Dingo)
MMP-80 Machine Gun Bullet Zaku II, Zaku II FS, Zaku II Kai/FZ


English Name Japanese Name Projectile Type Comments Shared with?
Chest Missiles Ballistic Stunlocks MS that it hits directly. Blue Destiny Unit 1, Blue Destiny Unit 3
Chest Vulcans Bullet More damaging than the Head Vulcans Blue Destiny Unit 1, Blue Destiny Unit 3
Head Vulcans Bullet Higher firing rate than the chest vulcans
Beam Saber Melee


English Name Japanese Name What does it do? Any HP Requirement? Comments
E.X.A.M. System Ignores all damage on Head and Leg Parts. Increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a set amount of time or until death. Below 30% of Total HP. This can only be activated once, after a set amount of time has passed, your leg and head parts will all be heavily damaged.
High Performance Balancer Interrupt landing animation with a melee attack.
Melee Controller LV1 Perform up to 2 melee attacks in a row.
Emergency Avoidance Control Can perform an evasive maneuver whenever X is pressed twice. Uses entire Boost gauge
Hovering Dash LV2-3 Increases thruster duration