Beam weapons are energy-based firearms that do not use ammo magazines. Instead, each shot will consume a portion of the energy residing inside the weapon, which recovers when it's not being fired; if all of the energy is consumed then the weapon overheats (OH). The "Ammo" column of the table below will display how many shots can be fired before overheating the weapon; the "Reload Time" column will display how long it takes for the weapon to recover after a single shot.

An overheated weapon takes extra time to cooldown (OHCD) before it can be used again. The time it takes an overheated weapon to cooldown will be displayed in the Notes column of the table below.

Many beam weapons can charge-up for increased damage. While charging, the tip of the barrel will glow with energy; when full charge is reached the targeting reticle will visibly change. All ratings on the table below in parenthesis are for fully charged shots.

LV DMG Fire Rate Ammo Reload Speed Range Blast Area Note Dev. Cost
Beam Spray Gun 1 500 1.0s 5 3.0s 300m - - Default Equipment
2 Barrel Beam Gun 1 650 1.0s - - 350m - 12.0s OHCD 11700P
Commando Beam Gun
Beam Gun 1 750 1.0s 4 3.5s 400m - - Default Equipment
Mobile GD Beam Rifle 1 850 (1750) 2.0s (6.0s) 3 (1charged +1after) 5.0s (8.5s) 400m (500m) - 13.0s OHCD 6800P
Gundam Beam Rifle 1 950 (2000) 2.0s (5.5s) 3 (1charged +1after) - 400m - 13.0s OHCD Default Equipment
GD Beam Rifle SN 1 950 (1570); 400SN 2.0s (5.5s); 3.0sSN 3 (1charged +1after); 4SN 18sSN 400m; 200mSN - 13.0s OHCD 15600P
Protogundam BR
Prototype Gundam Beam Rifle 1 900 2.0s 5 - 250m - 7.0s OHCD Default Equipment
Alex Beam Rifle
GP01 Beam Rifle
Prototype BeamRifle (WD GM) 1 6000 1 200m
Sniper Beam Rifle 1 2200 4.0s 2 9.0s 700m - - Default Equipment
WD Beam Sniper
Sniper Beam Rifle (WD Spec.)
SC Beam Rifle 1 1600 (3400) 3.0s (6.0s) - 6.0s (9.5s) 600m (700m) - 30s OHCD Default Equipment
Sniper GunCannon Beam Rifle 1 1200 (3600) 3.0s 3 (1charged +1after) 5.8s (9.3s) 600m (700m) - 30s OHCD Default Equipment