Beam Spray Gun

The Gundam's Beam Rifle was expensive to produce because of the focusing coil featured inside of the riffle which produced a large thin I-field to accurately direct mega particles. Using the Gundam's Beam Rifle as inspiration, the Federation developed the Beam Spray Gun.

The Beam Spray Gun was developed specifically to be featured on the RGM-79 GM. As such there are not many suits in this game that have compatibility with the spray gun. In this game, the Beam Spray Gun can only be found on the variants of the RGM-79 GM.

The Beam Spray Gun featured a simplified focusing coil in comparison to the Gundam's Beam Rifle, which cut the costs down drastically, but this meant sacrificing the weapon's power, range, as well as its accuracy. In game, this is shown by its meek 300 meter range as well how it only has 500 power per shot. One of the best positives of this weapon is that Beam Weapons are very unpopular to defend especially early in the game. Because of how un-accommodating custom part slots are on low lvl ms, most people choose to not equip beam defense since beam type weapons are the least likely encountered type of weapon early on.

Stats Edit

LV Power

(per round)



Gauge recovery Rate

(% per Second)




(until OH)

OH Cooldown Range Blast


1 500 1.0s 10% 30% 5 8.0s 300m -
2 520 1.0s 10% 305 5 8.0s 300m
3 550 1.0s 10% 27% 6 8.0s 300m
4 625 1.0s 10% 25% 7 8.0s 300m
5 650 1.0s 10% 25% 7 8.0s 300m
6 675 1.0s 10% 23% 8 8.0s 300m
7 700 1.0s 10% 23% 8 8.0s 300m
8 725 1.0s 10% 22% 9 8.0s 300m