The RAG-79 Aqua GM is a Mobile Suit designed by the Federation to counter ZEON Mobile Suits in amphibious combat. Instead of building a new line of Mobile Suits, they used the ever reliable GM to create their own amphibious Mobile Suit. It is featured in the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

In game, the Aqua GM equips 3 unique weapons. Its main weapon, the harpoon gun, has 4 rounds at level one and though it fires with the velocity and range of a cannon, it is wielded like a bazooka in that it is a stunning weapon that doesn't require the user to stop before firing. Second, the Aqua GM has missile pods in its backpack. The missile pods carry 16 missiles but they are fire-linked, so they run out of ammo after 8 shots. These missiles are quick firing and quick to reload, and can be fired while running and, uniquely, while dashing as well. Last, the Aqua GM's melee weapon is a Beam Pick, akin to the GM Guard Custom's beam dagger. Its knockdown strike is a forward stab. 

This MS is an interesting addition and can do good damage, but like most drop-in event suits, the Aqua GM cannot compare to advanced level support types players who get it have unlocked. If you are a beginner and receieve this suit, don't hesitate to use it. It's ability to fire stunning shots while moving is invaluable. Once a hit is made, switch immediatly to the missile pod and fire a volley. Since the missiles hit in pairs they actually do very good damage in a short time.

Aqua GM

Level VariationsEdit

EXP 175 200 225 250
HP 8000 8500 9000 9500
Bullet DEF 31 42 54 65
Beam DEF 31 42 54 65
Melee DEF 26 31 37 42
Range ATK 53 56 58 61
Melee ATK 28 29 31 32
Move Speed 140 140 140 140
Thrusters 120 122 124 126
Rarity 0-Star 0-Star 0-Star 0-Star
Req. Rank
Dev. Rate 8% 6% 6% 4%
Dev. Cost 15300P 20200 25000 32600
Respawn Time 12

Custom Parts SlotsEdit

Melee 7 8 9 10
Mid 7 8 9 10
Long 6 7 8 9

Main WeaponsEdit

LV DMG Fire Rate Ammo Reload Speed Range Blast Area Shield Modifier Base Modifier Note Dev. Cost
Harpoon Gun 1 1600 4 500m


LV DMG Fire Rate Ammo Reload Speed Range Blast Area Shield Modifier Base Modifier Note
Twin 2-tube Missile pods 1 600 16 450 Can be fired while running and dashing. Fires in an arc.
Beam Pick 1 850 Melee