Skill: Anti-StealthEdit

This skill allows the user to see enemy mobile suits within 200m on radar that would otherwise be undetectable, such as mobile suits with the stealth skill, or those that are crouched. It is possible to combine this skill with the Eagle Eye medal to increase the Anti-Stealth range.

The downfall of this skill is twofold:

One, you cannot determine the type of MS on radar, so you may think you've discovered a Pixie Gundam or Acguy, only to come face to face with a crouched general purpose machine. This comes into play as currently, only melee mobile suits are equipped with the Anti-Stealth skill. 

Two, this skill cannot be combined with the skill "Observation Relay Equipment" as both are intrinsic to specific mobile suits. This means that while you will see the unit on your radar, the support type mobile suit next to you will still not see it coming.