The MS-11 Action Zaku (often shortened to "Act Zaku") is a mass-production mobile suit which was the testbed for the new "Magnetic Coating" Technology developed by the Zeonic Company. As a result of it's Magnetic Coating, This MS's Walking and Boosting Speed are above average, and it also has the Anti-Stealth Skill, allowing it to pick up mobile suits with the Stealth Skill (like the Gundam Pixie) on its radar. The Act Zaku is also different from most Zakus in it is the only Zaku with the ability to equip a Beam Rifle, allowing Zeon Pilots to take advantage of EFF Pilots who only have bullet resistance parts on to defend against Zeon's heavy use of solid weaponary. However, the Beam Rifle is not default equipment, and must have its own blueprints completed and unlocked before it can be used.

Level VariationsEdit

EXP 325 350 375 400
HP 9500 11500 12000 12500
Bullet DEF 40 51 62 73
Beam DEF 40 51 62 73
Melee DEF 37 48 59 70
Range ATK 66 76 80 84
Melee ATK 66 76 80 84
Move Speed 245 245 245 245
Thrusters 120 122 124 126
Rarity 2-Stars 3-Stars 3-Stars 3-Stars
Req. Rank Event MS
Dev. Rate 15% 30% 20%
Dev. Cost 35000 34100P 44400P 51200P
Respawn Time

Custom Parts SlotsEdit

Melee 6 7 8 9
Mid 7 9 10 11
Long 4 5 6 7

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Action Zaku Bullpup Gun Bullet
Zaku Bazooka Ballistic
Action Zaku Beam Rifle Beam This beam rifle is not default equipment for Act Zaku. Its blueprints must be completed and unlocked separately.


English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Beam Saber Melee
Grenade Takes out Pilots out of their MS and Leg Parts on an MS Easily.